Tragedy in Jaburo 9 : Bandai 1/144 Z’gok

I started assembling the left arm.

By connecting a pipe which I cut diagonally, I changed the angle of the arm.


During the work to change the angle,I thought way of coming out of claw is not good.


The form of the kit, it looks like a clow is placed on a part of the hand, so I was modified to coming from inside.


Open the hole to fit the shape of the base of the claw,



I insert the claw from the back.


I think that it became a little better.


Left arm is in close contact with the body and is bent at a steep angle.




Both arms was make a shape roughly. I begin the work of the head.

I plan to illuminations this kit.、and one of the illumination is lit Mono Eye.

Mono Eye shield and mono eye is molded together to head in this kit, and I opened it all first.

First, I hollowed out roughly using power tools in order to get into the file. After that, I will fix the form carefully with a file.



Then, I trimmed the surface in the manner of the planer with a knife.







Then I have to think How do I make a mono-eye shield and mono-eye.