Tragedy in Jaburo 10 : Bandai 1/144 Z’go

I started to make a mono-eye.


First, I cut the aluminum pipe with a pipe cutter to make the frame of Mono-Eye.



Then, I have to sharpen flat LED's round head.

I also sharpen periphery according to the inner diameter of the pipe.



LED has been fitted to the pipe. 




For now, mono eye is good at something like this.

I think how to install later.

I leave the mono eye for now,then I started work on another part.


Z'Gok is charged the missile to the top of the head. However, the kit has not been reproduced it, even it is not opening just it is recessed a bit.

As there is a missile launch on head, I re-create a little.


I used a plastic stick and a plastic pipe of a suitable size.


I made ​​a warhead with sharpened plastic stick with a file the  first.



It was glued in the plastic pipe.



Next, I opened the place of missile at the top of the Z'Gok , then I glued the missile from the back.


It looks like this.


I worked in the same way as all six locations.



Missile warhead will be glued after painting.