Tragedy in Jaburo 23 : Bandai 1/144 Z’Gok

 I'm going to try illuminations in this diorama. I try to do two iluminations.

1st.  Lit the Mono Eye of Z'Gok

2nd. The electric spark in the the body of the gym.


I was soldering a wires to a 2 small LED.


These LED will be in the Z'Gok arm for electrical spark inside of the GM.


I opened small holes in the arm of Z'Gok for mounting the LED.




Then, set 2 led from outside.



Wire through the arm and the body, then through the legs, going to the under the base.


I set LED for Mono eye before, so I have done basic work for GM and Z'gok.


Next, I will start to build Diorama base.