Tragedy in Jaburo 26 : Paint-1 Zgok

 I came to paint stage finally.Paint work is my most favorite part. It is sooo fun!!

 I've painted black all the parts first. This black will be  the darkest part.





 I recoated the body colors gradually to this black.


I I've painted a russet (Mr.color 81). I've painted not completely erased the black. I will leave it to the location of the shadow.



I've painted Char-pink (Mr.Color UG10) in the same way .



I have painted the duct of the chest with a brush after masking.

(Mr.color 28 steel)



I've also painted the base of the arm with a brush in the same way.



 Painting Z'Gok is basically completed.

 The following is a painting of GM.