Tragedy in Jaburo 27 : Paint-2 GM

 Well, I will begin the painting of GM.

 I painted a light gray, which is a basic color first. In the same way as Z'Gok, so as not erased the black of the base completely, I overlaid light gray little by little .




 I used Mr.Color 97.


 The next step is painting the red.

 Parts of the kit of these days has been finely divided. So, we do not require masking much when you painting. However, masking is required for painted since this is the old kit.

 After masking the place to leave white, then painted red.




 I used Mr. color 3 + A little of Mr. Color 113 (RLM04Yellow) mixed.


 I peel off the masking tape after the paint has dried. .



 I painted the ductt with a brush.



I used the Shine tape(although I do not know what I can say this tape.) to the main camera instead to paint



Painting of GM also now complete.

Next step is weathering finally.