Tragedy in Jaburo 28 : Panel Line and Decal

 GM and Z'Gok has been painted.

 So, I am going to add panel line, and put decal.


 These old kits is very simple, but it is still molded some panel line. I use Tamiya Enamel for "Sumi-Ire" (I do not know how can say it in English. It is one of the paint technique using capillary action).

 I put thined Tamiya enamel into the panel line. The thined paint go through entire line by capilary action. 

 I use lighter fuel for thinner.

 I also do a light washing entire kit using dark yellow.



 By the way, The kit was finished Gloss or Semi-Gloss. It makes easyer "Sumi-Ire" and decaling.


 After I finished Sumi-Ire, I put some decals. I put common gundam decal for GM, and I put train model decals for Z'gok, because I think it is weird if GM and Zgok has same marking. I would like to make something defference for both.



 After I finish those, I did 1st clear coat (flat) for both kit to fix decal.



After the clear coat is dry, I add some more pamel line for detail. We usually add panel line using a knife or a chisel. But I used 0.3mm Mechanical pencil and drew the lines.

 I used a Stencil and  the pattern that made by myself to draw the line.



 By applying them to the kit, Idraw a line as thin as possible.





In preparation for the next step, I did 2nd clear coat after I finish drawing panel line.


The following is weathering.