Tragedy in Jaburo 29 : Weathering

 After I did  top coat the entire kit, I began weathering.

 First, I will apply a filter.

 I use oil paint to filtering. It is not a special paint for the modeling , but rather that it was bought at the craft shop.


 I've picked up the three colors of the above at this time.

 We will put a small dot in the oil paint using the toothpick. then before it dries, wipe from top to bottom with a cotton swab was soaked with turpentine. Rather than completely wiped off, and then to remain very thin.

Here it is.





After  filter the entire kit, the following is chipping.

I used Tamiya enamel color(Neutral gray) for chipping. Using a thin brush as much as possible, to paint a small point as possible, to draw the chipping by overlapping it.


This is only a filtered.


And I added a chipping.



GM is a new mobile suit, it did not do much weathering.





The following is an assembly of Z'Gok and GM.