Tragedy in Jaburo 35 : (Diorama-base assembling ~ Complete)

 Finally, assembling the diorama base, it is completed After installing the mobile suit.


  First, I've fixed the ground with screws on the wooden frame of the bottom



 Then, by fixing the back of the plate to the frame below, install the LED control unit and adapter jack .



 I made the back plate to hide the open side part of the cave in like this.



 Through the wiring under the floor,  Z'Gok will firmly secure the legs with screws.



 I connect the wiring of the Z'Gok to the control unit under the floor.



 The ceiling of the cave, stuck on the back of the ceiling part of the frame of wood with double-sided tape,,,


 I have put a ceiling frame to the base body, then fastened it with screws.



  Insert the arm of the MSM-07 Z'Gok to GM, I will fix the right foot of GM to base.(sorry, I forgot the pic,,,)

 Finally, fasten the title plate with screws in the lower right corner of the base, the all work has been finished!



 Pose adjustment, check the Illuminations, touch-up of weathering and painting, then, diorama is completed.


 The following is a complete photo.