Tragedy in Jaburo 36 : Finish !!

Finally "Tragedy in Jaburo" diorama work has been completed.

I was up a few pictures, so please enjoy.



  My brother in Japan has added some effect to my picture above.


 Below is a photo of various angles.









  The overall picture.


  Since this kit I've used very old, I've been working almost all of the parts, but still, it looks old-fashioned style when compared to today's kit.



  Kenji that was processed this photo, he also has a model Web site.

図解!なんでも制作日記 [ プラモデルの作り方 ]

(it is showing in Japanese, but his site has auto translation.)

You can find super cool pics include Gunpla, auto, motor-cycle and Star Wars.

Please check it.


 Also, I tried to use Arduino for electrical work. 

 You can see how it works below.

ジオラマ ジャブローに散る 電飾 - YouTube


Thank you for reading to the end.


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