Bandai MG MS-07B Gouf (Old Ver.) 2

 I start to work Bandai MG Gouf from basic treatment of Energy tube and Heat Rod. Because, I need to sand about 60 small piece for energy tube and 50 for heat rod. If I l will eave it at the end, I may not be able to finish it. I think it is better that I start from laborious work.


 After I finish those, I was working on modifier of the head. 

 Head of this kit is a little different with my image.

 This is the head from original kit.


 In my image, head of Gouf is shape with a more rounded, mouth(nose?)  is also wide.

 I have split in the middle of the mouth parts,then I was widened to put the plastic sheet.



When I set the mouth part to the face, I changed the angle and made it a little long. 

I was fixed step of the face and mouth with putty.


 I had remade the duct fins in plastic sheet.

 From the front view. It is much closer to my image.



 The following is a work of mono eye.