Bandai MG MS-07B Gouf (Old Ver.) 3

 Today, I will describe the mono eye. 

 First, I was thinking where to install the battery.

I use a 3V battery for medical this time.


 This is very small, and can be used to illuminate the  LED because it is 3V battery


  If you look at the instructions carefully, you will find the same kind of parts with batteries in  mechanical parts of the head of the Gouf.

 It is just above the mono eye, disc-shaped parts.



 I decided to replace the parts and battery.

 Also, I was changed to make the entire mono eye unit to install the LED using such as aluminum pipe.


 Because I do not draw a wiring diagram, I wrote a description to the photos.



 I pull out the optical fiber from the back of the mono eye unit,  added a sub camera.


viewed from the front.



 There is one more important thing. It is necessary to add resistance to the circuit.



 I have soldered the one leg of the resistor to the anode of the LED.



Then, bending the other end of the leg, to make it the battery holder. 



 When I set the battery, it was illuminated. (good!) 



It is a complete. (I took the pics after I painted the head.) f:id:mata1:20140130181933j:plain


The following is a remodeling of the body part.