Bandai MG MS-07B Gouf (Old Ver.) 4

 Today is the body of remodeling.


Although  I think this kit is very good kit, but to me,,  Shoulder width is a little wider and I feel chest also too thick when I compared with my image, (it might just for me,,,)

 So, I decided make chest a little thiner by processing the chest part. Then, shoulder armor overlies to the body and shoulder enters the inside, then, shoulders width looks narrower, I hope.


I have narrowed the thickness by dividing vertically at the position of about the middle on both sides of the exterior parts of the chest.



Now I was able to reduce a few millimeters on both sides of the thickness of the chest.


I also have to adjust the same amount of the thickness of the internal frame.



  Now, black chest  parts be moved behind, chest becomes thinner.


  To tell the truth, I forgot to take pictures after the modification. Sorry...

  Basic modification is now complete.


  The following is a painting After the surface treatment.