Bandai MG RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka 1 (Temporarily assembled)

 I am starting new production article. I finised this kit some years ago, but I took a lot of pics and I would like to share it.


 next item is RB-79 Ball from Bandai Master Grade. 




 as always, I did Temporarily assemble first to check where I need to modify or adjust.



 long time ago, when I tried to temporarily assemble, I need to use masking tape to hold all parts, but now days, all Bandai Ganpla is Snap kit and it is sooo easy to assemble without any tape or glue.

 Also, entire shape, balance is very nice and I did not find anything to modify.  

 But In exchange, the amount of parts was very increased. I use a lot of mint-can for organizing parts after disassembled. 



 I would like to do some additional work... I decided to make this ball like StarWars space ship from Classic EP IV,V and VI. 


It will start the work from the following article.