Bandai MG RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka 4 ( Exterior panel paint and assembly )

 Today, I am going to write about exterior panel.


 I was starting weathering from Cockpit Hatch.

The parts was painted with flat white using spray paint first, then paint dark (wine?) red using air brush. 

 I did wet sanding using very fine paper (#1200) and remove red paint from the edge or surface and try to expose white under paint.


 Need to be carefull to not remove white paint until gray surfacer is comming out.


 The other panels was just paint with airbrush and mount on the body frame, then put decal on it.


 I peel off the decal partially to represent scratches.


 I put thined enamel to the panel line.




 Then, I applied clear coat to protect decals and panel line.



 Weathering is next.