Bandai MG RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka ( Part 6 Weathering2 )

 I  finised 1st stage of the weathering, and going to add some more weathering. I add splattered oil dirt on he entire kit.

 I put the thinned paint(brown, or ark yellow) in toothbrush, and blowing the paint by rubbing the tooth brush in front of the model.


  it may be too small to see, but very small dot on entire panel.


 next,, adding more oil dirt around the joint. I used Tamiya enamel for this effect. When I did this type of weathering, I had two of the paint brush in one hand. put thinned paint for one brush and put thinner for the other. I did weathering while using two brush alternately.



 I was finished like this.



 I did same for exterior body panel, too.



 moreover, I add smoke effect using pigment.



  Weathering has been finished.


 Next, I am going to write about the Display stand.