Halcyon 1/1 AlienQueen Chestburster 1 ( preparation for painting)

 I start another my project, and this is the first Figure project in my blog. It is Figure, but it isn't bishojo figure, it is a creature from my favorite movie series "Alien".

 I have got the kit from my co-worker more than 10 years ago, but I did not come back to this hobby world and I did just assemble and leave it.


 It was coated with bumper primer from auto supply. When I did it, I could not get Mr. primer in local hobby shop. But I really do not recommend to use bumper primer for soft vinyl kit. It does not work well. 

 I put a brass rod into the tale to form it like the picture above.

 Also, I put some cotton for Stuffed Animals in to the entire body and tale to make a little stiffer, and I poured plaster into the legs for reinforcement.



 After I removed tale, all arms and legs, I did final sanding and it just waiting for paint.



 The following will start painting.