Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 1 ( temporary assembly)

 The new project is bigan.

 As always, I started from temporary assembly. The first impression of the kit when I opend the box was,,,


 There are too many gaps.

 Because I'm familiar with Gundam a lot, I thought that there is little parts in the box.

 Anyway,I had started a temporary assembly.

 Hull can be divided into left and right, partition plate enters between them.


 Since the partition plate is in the way of the electric work,I need to  remove, or must be drilled.


 It is molded into very sharp and fit of parts is very good.



 Proportion of the kit is so good, but it is much smaller than I thought.



 Whether I can do all the illumination that I had planned, I am a little worried.


Next, I will start from illuminations of the bow .