Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 2 ( The illumination of the bow part)

 Since the temporary assembly has been completed, I started the work. I use the optical fiber, in order to illumination this kit. Although we will be able to buy the optical fiber in the craft shops and online store, I used the objects for the home decoration in the picture below  (I do not know how I can say that) this time.


 I was able to get a bunch of 0.3mm optical fiber.


 First, I made the position lights on small wings attached to the top of the bow. As I wrote earlier, because this kit is smaller than I thought, it was very detailed work. I made a 0.3mm hole at the top and bottom of the wing and both hole was connecting with a  groove in between. Optical fiber goes through the hole.


 After that, it will be finished once filled the grooves using the putty.


 It is sooo small but still glowing.




 Next also continued to work around the bow.