Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 3 ( The illumination of the bow part)

 I tried to illuminate another part at the bow. There is very small tree lines need to paint the color of yellow at the bow.

 I am not sure but in the movie, I think the liens was blighter than the other surface, and I am thinking the liens is small window or something,,,



 This section, I tried to grind the area I would like to illuminate from the back side as much as I can.  When the part was getting super thin, I paint black to mask the area that I do not want to see the light. 



 I made a small box as enclosure of the LED.


 The box was glued on the area to illuminate.


 Also, it was painted in black to avoid any light leeking.


 Then, lets try!


 It is looks OK.


That is it for today.


Next, I will do something at main Engine.