Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 4 ( The illumination of the main engine)

 The following is the illuminations of the engine. Fortunately, there are enough space in the engine unit.So, I would be easily the illumination of work.

 The first thing to go about is the engine nozzle part.I have split the one-piece parts, create a gap where the light is visible.

 I was split  the frame of the nozzle and a cone in the center. 



 Then, open a hole in the the alignment part of the swings, I installed the LED into the hole.



 In order to connect the plate and the engine nozzle, I cut out the plastic pipe then painted the inside to silver.



  I set the parts as shown in the picture below.



 I put a clear plastic sheet between the nozzle and the pipe, Cone is attached to the clear sheet.



 I tried connecting the battery to try.


 It is looks OK.


 The main engine has been done.


 The following is the work of the rear deck room.