Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 5 ( The back wall of the rear deck room)

 Today, it is about the back wall of the rear deck.

 In this kit, because the back wall is made in one piece, it is not able to illuminate a window in this state.



 So, I was hollowing out the part of the window.



 Because I wanted to use a skull in the center of the window in the middle, I scraped off the only skull from the portion of the window.


 It is sooo thin,,,


 I was re-create the window with a wire mesh, and set a skull that was salvage.



 I will placed the LED in the back of the window, I tried to How the windows  look.





 that is it for today.


 next,,, about some work for the Lantern on the rear deck room.