Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 8 (Display Base)

 I started to make a display based.


 Since the Arcadia of the kit is small, it's difficult to install the power supply in.Therefore, the installed power to the display base, and then be routed to Arcadia. The kit comes with display base, but I do not use it, I will make myself.


I will use the base portion of the kit, I used the brake line for the car in the arm.


 This is a rigid pipe, it is possible to pass the wire inside.


 After I was bending the pipe, I was fixed by inserting the arm to the base.





 Since the brake line has a flare nut and fixed by use of it.


On the side of Arcadia, I opened the hole for passing through the pipe.



I was glued a plastic pipe of the size through which the brake lineto the inner wall.



I opened the hole for inserting the pin of the rotation stopping to the brake line.

And it is fixed in this way.



 Overall picture




 Basic work of display base is completed.


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