Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 11 (Rear mast-tip light)

 Today's work is almost same as the last time.

 It illuminate the tip of the rear mast.


 This part also in the same manner as the main wing, and assembled by bonding a part to the tip of the wing.f:id:mata1:20150715171220j:plain


 Although the work is the same as the main wing,there is one different point.

 This wing is very thin.


 The thinnest place is only 0.55mm.

 I make a groove in there,Then, I have to pass through a 0.2mm fiber.

 Well, let's start.


 First, I will open a hole in the top of the parts.



I made a groove in the wing to connect with the hole.


 Carefully, carefully,,,


 If I can finish to make a groove, then  it only through the fiber.


It was light without problems.




The next step is the electricity-related work.