Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 12 (Installation of LED)

 it is the time to shink about electrical work.  

 First, I covered LED with aluminum pipe and put glue gun to the both ends. this is going to be LED unit for fiber optic. Some is still single, but I put some LED together  like below. 


 With red marker is Red LED, and the other is worm white LED.


 I was fitted with a square plastic pipe to the LED unit.


 And, it was attached to the wiring board. 


LED unit is removable.

 I was attached to some of the single LED on the back of the deck.


 LED wire has pin-connector. it is also removable In order to be able to maintenance later.



 Inside has been pretty crowded.



 I'm going to use the Arduino to the LED control.It is a programmable small computer, and I used it to diorama of Jaburo, too.


 This is Arduino Pro-mini. It is very small. I am going to install this Arduino into Arcadia.

 However, since this time to control the number of LED, I also used the new system.


 Next also electrical work will continue.