Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 15 (Display Base 2)

 I am going to finish the display base and check wire connection and power supply. 


 I disassembled the temporarily assembled base and opened the hole for mounting the switch and jack.



 (the base that was trial fitting in the past)


 The left side of the hole in the top surface is for the switch, the hole in the middle is for the original arm (This hole will be covered).

 Hole in the middle of the side is for the new arm, the right is the hole for the jack.

 I have attached the arm,  then painted entirely in semi-gloss black.



 After installing the switch and jack, outline is complete.



 Then I soldered the wiring on the back side.



 Next, we finally set the Arcadia to base and I try to turn on the switch.


 All seems to be working correctly.

 Phew,,,it was good.


 The next step is to work the rear deck.