Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 17 (Illuminations of rear deck)

 The following is the work of the rear deck.

 In order to illumination of the rear deck, installing the LED.

 Before that, in order to diffuse the LED light, I pasted aluminum tape on the inside of the deck. 



 I  made floor with plastic sheets, and I installed LED there.  



 Two LED will be installed in  places.



 The following is to bond the window, but I painted the rear deck before that.

 After paint the entire deck, I painted ornaments carved in gold with a hand brush.

 It has been included decals in the kit, but I did not use it.


 After paint, it is a state of bonding the window to the deck.





 Lower is like this.


 Besides the LED for the interior, I installed two LED for the lantern.

 To connect the LED and lantern with optic fiber, and illuminate the lantern.


 After installing the lantern, I tried to turn on the power.


  It was glowing properly.


 The following is a work of the bridge.