Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 29 (Final assembly)

 Today, I do final assembly, and connect all electrical parts and fiber optic.


 Attach the bow part to the hull.


 I have 2 led in the bow. I pass the wiring through the hole in the hull, carefully. If I break fiber optic,,, I do not want to think about it...



 The entire shape of the ship is now visible.

 Very small white srings is fiber optic.


 I bond the bridge to the deck after painting skull on the bridge.


  This section has some fiber optic, too. I need to put those into LED.


  I set LED to aluminum pipe, and fill in glue gun to the opening of the pipe. After hot glue is cool down, I put small aluminum pipe to the center of the LED pipe. I put optic fiber into the small aluminum pipe. I think I can stop any reaking of the light.

 I can not express well, so please see my hand drawing below.



 alll fiber optic is going into LED.


 In case if I will need to repair the electrical unit when I have any problem, I made a main deck removable.


  I set some magnet under the deck, and set nail head on the main body at appropriate position.


 Oh my,,, It is sooo crowded.







 Still need to some work, but it is close.




 I will weather! (my favorite work!! :D )