Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 31 (Finish.......?)

 The goal of this project is coming : )

 Today, the Arcadia will be set to the stand.



 I am sure, no one remember the stand.



 I tried to mount Arcadia onece, so it shoud be no problem. But since I put all LED and fibers, it is very crowded inside of the ship. I need to be very very carefull to mount the ship and connect power cable.


Let through the wires into the ship,,,Be careful,,,




The ship is attached to the stand safely.



 Next, I attached the deck and the bridge to the Hull. And, I attached 2nd bridge on the main bridge.


 In the kit, the antenna extends horizontally from sight chamber. But in the reference sheets, I see very tiny antenna extend forward then go up.  

 I attached it, but it is too small and hard to see even in the picture.(the actual kit is much small than the picture)


Then,,,  lanthanums are attached on the rear deck.



 Finally, do I finish?

 no, I have one more pats left.

 It is a Pirate flag. The part with the kit made with plastics is a little too thick. I ground to make it thinner. then paint with black, put decal.



 After paint, I spray very thin layer with wood brown color fo aging.



 a tiny hall was made on the rear deck and pole, then put small brass rod in between them and flag is attached.


 Finally, all parts is assembled and done.


 I thought.



 I am going to do a little modification for someting,,,