Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 32 (Re-making the Pirate flag)

 The last time, I thought I finished all work to do, but I cared about the flag attached on the cabin. I thought for a while then I decided I remake the flag.

I was thinking and thinking,  how to make a flag better, then I tried this way,

Using a 0.1 mm plastic paper. 
Heat the paper with a torch or heat gun slowly and carefully,,, then the paper getting soft and wrinkles. so try to hold the paper to keep good shape and let it cool down.


 Don't  you think it look like a flag?

 I attached the paper to the pole after cut the paper and shaped. 


 Just like before, paint with black.


 (using gloss black to make set decal easy.)


Set a decal,  weathered, and spray flat top coat,,,  





 Set the Pirate flag back on to the rear deck.



 All work is done.

 Next, I will up finished pics.