Bandai 1/100 MG MSN-0100 Hyaku-Shiki (Ver.1.0) Part 5 ~Modification of the torso (waist)

 Last time, I progressed to the point where I finished the most troublesome work.


 I thought this was the end of a major revision, but there was a bit more that bothered me. I feel like the body of the kit is a little too short.

 I think extending the waist area a bit would make the overall figure look slimmer.

 I wanted to leave a joint with the waist, so I detached the bottom of the torso and extended it with a plastic plate.


 The cockpit hatch has been extended as well.


 The front armor was extended at the bottom for the same reason.



 For the arms, the armor of the lower arm was partially cut off.


 I think this also has the effect of making the arms look slimmer.


 Then I replaced the power pipe with a metal pipe.



 I think all major revisions have been made.

 So let's put the parts together and check how much has been changed since the very beginning.


 This is the kit assembled according to the instructions.



 this is the ones that have completed a lot of modifications.



 front view






 Of course, I prefer the after one.




I'll continue to work on more details next time.