Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 29 (Final assembly)

 Today, I do final assembly, and connect all electrical parts and fiber optic.


 Attach the bow part to the hull.


 I have 2 led in the bow. I pass the wiring through the hole in the hull, carefully. If I break fiber optic,,, I do not want to think about it...



 The entire shape of the ship is now visible.

 Very small white srings is fiber optic.


 I bond the bridge to the deck after painting skull on the bridge.


  This section has some fiber optic, too. I need to put those into LED.


  I set LED to aluminum pipe, and fill in glue gun to the opening of the pipe. After hot glue is cool down, I put small aluminum pipe to the center of the LED pipe. I put optic fiber into the small aluminum pipe. I think I can stop any reaking of the light.

 I can not express well, so please see my hand drawing below.



 alll fiber optic is going into LED.


 In case if I will need to repair the electrical unit when I have any problem, I made a main deck removable.


  I set some magnet under the deck, and set nail head on the main body at appropriate position.


 Oh my,,, It is sooo crowded.







 Still need to some work, but it is close.




 I will weather! (my favorite work!! :D )



Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 28 (Paint start!)

 Finally, I began painting Arcadia.

 I painted the deck first.Because it seemed easy for me to masking.


 I paint the Deck using the paint that  was made by mixing Mr. Color 340( Field Green FS 34097) with black, green, red etc while watching the appearance.

 Once it dried, mask it and paint the basic color with the other parts.



 Although there is no instruction in the manual,it seems that the bulge-like part beside the hull is also painted two different colors.



 Just a little difference.



 Then, next step is painting of skull.

 I just paint it white, but I painted  a little yellowish white at the end.


 (but it is a little bluish white in the picture)


 Then, I put black color on the bow. 


 This is goint to be a black part in the eye area of the skull.



 I painted The part of the eaves that sticks over the window beside the cabin with flat black, then painted copper useing dry-brush technique.



 Next, connect all the optical fiber to the LED, and assemble the whole kit to check.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 27 (Electrical work)

 It was already long time ago, I finished base coat paint. Before I start painting, I have to finish electrical work. 

 First, I attached the optical fiber.  If I attached the fiber before I did base coat, there is some risks to break the fiber, so I decided that I attach them after finish base coat. 

 Also, I soldered all wires, connetting all LED, Arduino and AtTiny85. 


 I needed to solder the wires at very tight space. It was a very nervous job, because I could  not touch irons to fiber or basecoat at all.


 After attach all optic fiber, LED and Arduino, connect battery and checked whether all the LEDs are lit.


 It seems that it works well.



Next,  start painting, finally.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 26 (3rd coating)

 Following the last time, it is the base paint.

 On the second layer of gray, I did  panel masking again.




 After finish masking, paint the gray of the third layer. Then, after the third layer gray is dry, peel off all of the masking.





 Now, painting the undercoat has been done.


 The next step is to the electrical work before final painting.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 25 (base paint 1st and 2nd coating)

 Finally fabrication of Arcadia will enter the base painting. This time, I will paint several times of the layer for base using gray with different darkness. When stacking a layer, by masking as of the exterior panel every time, to represent the seam of the armor.

 It was painted black for light shielding.I painted the first layer of gray on it.


 I gave a mottled to the vertical stripes.




 Prior to the application of the second layer of gray,  I did panel masking.



 A second layer of gray was painted.





 that is all for today,


 The following is another panel masking, and  paint a third layer of gray.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 24 (Skull remake)

 I still have something to do before I start painting.

 Basically, I have not changed the form of the kit. But I have only one thing I would like to modify the shape. It is the skull and crossbones of the big features of the Arcadia.

 This is the skull that comes with the kit.


 I have duplicated this part using silicon and resin for modification.  I wanted to keep the original part for back up.


  The bow part was also replicated in plaster.


 I put on the resin skull on the plaster bow, and built up resin, or putty and the skull was newly sculpted.


 The left ons is renewed, and I made it a litler smaller than original (right hand side).


 the original on the bow.


 new one.

 I thought that one was good even if a little smaller, but I go with this.


Next, I will start base painting.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 23 (Assembly of the hull 3, base painting)

 Finally, it will begin a base paint.

 But before that, eliminate the seam of the hull.



 Using the Tamiya putty, remove the step of the left and right , prepare the surface with sandpaper. Panel line that disappeared in the sand paper, re-carving again.

 After  pre-treatment of parts is finished , start painting undercoat.


 Because I want to cut off the light of  built-in LED , I painted the color of black first. 

 By masked the window (yellow part) of the side, the hull has been painted.



 Once the paint is dry, I attached the wings. In order to both wings will be the same angle, I have to fix the wing while watching the space with the ground.




 When the wing is attached, it appears to have proceeded a lot.



 The next step is to fix the skull on the bow .