Bandai 1/100 MG MSN-0100 Hyaku-Shiki (Ver.1.0) Part 1

 Hello there.

 I have not updated this blog for a while. But now, I would like to share another of my work.

 The new project is an MG Hyaku-shiki build.


 Now, open the box.



 There are too many parts,,,


 1st, I built most of the parts to check how it looks like, where I need to modify, etc.


 It looks good.



 It is more massive than Ver.2.0 but still looks good.


 But, I would like to make this kit to just look like  Nagano- mecha like L-Gaim or FSS.  I will do some modifications.




  Next, I will modify the most important parts, the Head.




Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 33 (Finish!!!)

 Finally, all works has been done!

 I would like to share completed work of Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia.


 1st picture is all light off.


 Basically, I did not change anything about the shape of the ship.  I modified only the scull and cross born on the bow.

 I think this is very good kit.


next, lihgt on!






let's darken the exposure of photos.







 I used Arduino and AtTine-85 for light control.

 I am sorry, all subtitle is in Japanese, but you could watch how it works in this video.



 It is hard to tell you how big is the kit from the pictures,  so I hold the kit with my hand.




 I took much much more time than I expect to finish this project. 

 Thank you for watching.


 you could read all articles from the link below if you are interested in.



 Thank you very much and hope see you soon again with next project.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 32 (Re-making the Pirate flag)

 The last time, I thought I finished all work to do, but I cared about the flag attached on the cabin. I thought for a while then I decided I remake the flag.

I was thinking and thinking,  how to make a flag better, then I tried this way,

Using a 0.1 mm plastic paper. 
Heat the paper with a torch or heat gun slowly and carefully,,, then the paper getting soft and wrinkles. so try to hold the paper to keep good shape and let it cool down.


 Don't  you think it look like a flag?

 I attached the paper to the pole after cut the paper and shaped. 


 Just like before, paint with black.


 (using gloss black to make set decal easy.)


Set a decal,  weathered, and spray flat top coat,,,  





 Set the Pirate flag back on to the rear deck.



 All work is done.

 Next, I will up finished pics.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 31 (Finish.......?)

 The goal of this project is coming : )

 Today, the Arcadia will be set to the stand.



 I am sure, no one remember the stand.


 I tried to mount Arcadia onece, so it shoud be no problem. But since I put all LED and fibers, it is very crowded inside of the ship. I need to be very very carefull to mount the ship and connect power cable.


Let through the wires into the ship,,,Be careful,,,




The ship is attached to the stand safely.



 Next, I attached the deck and the bridge to the Hull. And, I attached 2nd bridge on the main bridge.


 In the kit, the antenna extends horizontally from sight chamber. But in the reference sheets, I see very tiny antenna extend forward then go up.  

 I attached it, but it is too small and hard to see even in the picture.(the actual kit is much small than the picture)


Then,,,  lanthanums are attached on the rear deck.



 Finally, do I finish?

 no, I have one more pats left.

 It is a Pirate flag. The part with the kit made with plastics is a little too thick. I ground to make it thinner. then paint with black, put decal.



 After paint, I spray very thin layer with wood brown color fo aging.



 a tiny hall was made on the rear deck and pole, then put small brass rod in between them and flag is attached.


 Finally, all parts is assembled and done.


 I thought.



 I am going to do a little modification for someting,,,




Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 30 (Weathering)

 Finally,  I am starting weathering. This is the final stage of this project.

 But, this kit is 1/1500 of scale. If I do weathring too much, the kit looks just looking good toy. I would like to make ths ship looks like prop of some Si-fi movies. 

 Any way, let's start.


 I used Dark yellow for washing on Skull part. After wash, add some black pin wash at deep area and add some black shade around eye hole.




 I did it to two small skull as well.



 I did not use black paint for green area. I think it is too much contrast. I used darker green for washin.




 I add Raindrop marks for entire ship, but again, it is very thin and hard to see at picture.


 you may see color of green area is irregularity,  because I did some pretreatment when I paint gray for base paint.


 It is very simple, but there is some difference after weathered.



I will mout Arcadia to the base stand.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 29 (Final assembly)

 Today, I do final assembly, and connect all electrical parts and fiber optic.


 Attach the bow part to the hull.


 I have 2 led in the bow. I pass the wiring through the hole in the hull, carefully. If I break fiber optic,,, I do not want to think about it...



 The entire shape of the ship is now visible.

 Very small white srings is fiber optic.


 I bond the bridge to the deck after painting skull on the bridge.


  This section has some fiber optic, too. I need to put those into LED.


  I set LED to aluminum pipe, and fill in glue gun to the opening of the pipe. After hot glue is cool down, I put small aluminum pipe to the center of the LED pipe. I put optic fiber into the small aluminum pipe. I think I can stop any reaking of the light.

 I can not express well, so please see my hand drawing below.



 alll fiber optic is going into LED.


 In case if I will need to repair the electrical unit when I have any problem, I made a main deck removable.


  I set some magnet under the deck, and set nail head on the main body at appropriate position.


 Oh my,,, It is sooo crowded.







 Still need to some work, but it is close.




 I will weather! (my favorite work!! :D )



Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 28 (Paint start!)

 Finally, I began painting Arcadia.

 I painted the deck first.Because it seemed easy for me to masking.


 I paint the Deck using the paint that  was made by mixing Mr. Color 340( Field Green FS 34097) with black, green, red etc while watching the appearance.

 Once it dried, mask it and paint the basic color with the other parts.



 Although there is no instruction in the manual,it seems that the bulge-like part beside the hull is also painted two different colors.



 Just a little difference.



 Then, next step is painting of skull.

 I just paint it white, but I painted  a little yellowish white at the end.


 (but it is a little bluish white in the picture)


 Then, I put black color on the bow. 


 This is goint to be a black part in the eye area of the skull.



 I painted The part of the eaves that sticks over the window beside the cabin with flat black, then painted copper useing dry-brush technique.



 Next, connect all the optical fiber to the LED, and assemble the whole kit to check.