Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 19 (Work of the bridge 2)

 Today's topic is about the illuminations of the bridge.


 Below the skull mark, it is the window of the bridge.

 I will illumination this window.

 First, I will open the windows of the slit. Method is the same as the radar.


 On top of the main bridge, there is another small room, it was also the opening in the same way.


 There are red light spot arranged in the vertical is on both sides to the radar, there is a sight chamber is also in the middle, it also be illuminated.


 I made hole at the vertical light and put light cure gel to make it like lens.



 Then, make 0.3mm hole from the bottom of the spot, and it was passed through an optical fiber into the hole.


 After that it will be painted in color of red.


 I made a hole from under the radar to the sighting room, then through the fiber from the top of the sighting room.



 After passing through the fiber, I glued  a window part. I made it using  a clear runner.



 It was tested using the LEd.


 It is looks good.


Next, assemble the bridge.