Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 25 (base paint 1st and 2nd coating)

 Finally fabrication of Arcadia will enter the base painting. This time, I will paint several times of the layer for base using gray with different darkness. When stacking a layer, by masking as of the exterior panel every time, to represent the seam of the armor.

 It was painted black for light shielding.I painted the first layer of gray on it.


 I gave a mottled to the vertical stripes.




 Prior to the application of the second layer of gray,  I did panel masking.



 A second layer of gray was painted.





 that is all for today,


 The following is another panel masking, and  paint a third layer of gray.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 24 (Skull remake)

 I still have something to do before I start painting.

 Basically, I have not changed the form of the kit. But I have only one thing I would like to modify the shape. It is the skull and crossbones of the big features of the Arcadia.

 This is the skull that comes with the kit.


 I have duplicated this part using silicon and resin for modification.  I wanted to keep the original part for back up.


  The bow part was also replicated in plaster.


 I put on the resin skull on the plaster bow, and built up resin, or putty and the skull was newly sculpted.


 The left ons is renewed, and I made it a litler smaller than original (right hand side).


 the original on the bow.


 new one.

 I thought that one was good even if a little smaller, but I go with this.


Next, I will start base painting.

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 23 (Assembly of the hull 3, base painting)

 Finally, it will begin a base paint.

 But before that, eliminate the seam of the hull.



 Using the Tamiya putty, remove the step of the left and right , prepare the surface with sandpaper. Panel line that disappeared in the sand paper, re-carving again.

 After  pre-treatment of parts is finished , start painting undercoat.


 Because I want to cut off the light of  built-in LED , I painted the color of black first. 

 By masked the window (yellow part) of the side, the hull has been painted.



 Once the paint is dry, I attached the wings. In order to both wings will be the same angle, I have to fix the wing while watching the space with the ground.




 When the wing is attached, it appears to have proceeded a lot.



 The next step is to fix the skull on the bow .

Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 22 (Assembly of the hull 2)

 The work of the Arcadia has advanced only slightly. 

 I glued the parts around the bridge.


 You can see optic fiber and wires from LED from the bottom.


 Finally it was bonded, so it is not possible to fix even if it will bebroken inside

 Also, parts of the left and right of the hull was bonded..


 I checked many times, if I forgeot the wiring, or connecting LED or,,,anything.


 Parts of the back of the hull has been bonded, too.

 Since the main part came up sets, it will proceed smoothly from now on,,,I hope...



Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 21 (Assembly of the hull)

 Hello, there.

 I have not done up date for long time,,,

 So, I think that many people forgot about the brog, or what is next.

  I finished basic work for bridge last time, and I am going to build the base parts of the bridge.


 I did not change the shape of the parts, but I just added some fine detail using prastic paper, junk parts and stretched runner.



 Also, I did the same to the base part of the main cannon. 


 I added 2 optic fiber for this part, too.


 At the base part of the main wing, I grind the red arrow area to make it detachable after I glue both upper and lower parts together.



 The parts attached to the hull.


 Finally it is getting close to the appearance of a ship, little bit,,,



Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 20 (Work of the bridge 3)

 Today I will update after a long time.

 It is the assembly of the bridge, but,,,

 I forgot to take pictures of the middle of the process.

 Bridge was finished in this way.




Next, I must think of the idea to deliver light to the radar on the bridge.

 I bend the optical fiber, it was along under the radar as something of a pipe. Then, put the fiber in the bridge,it was delivered the LED light inside the bridge to radar.



 I have tried lighting


 It is a little dark, but somehow it was turned on.


 It is up to here today.

 Thank you for reading.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 19 (Work of the bridge 2)

 Today's topic is about the illuminations of the bridge.


 Below the skull mark, it is the window of the bridge.

 I will illumination this window.

 First, I will open the windows of the slit. Method is the same as the radar.


 On top of the main bridge, there is another small room, it was also the opening in the same way.


 There are red light spot arranged in the vertical is on both sides to the radar, there is a sight chamber is also in the middle, it also be illuminated.


 I made hole at the vertical light and put light cure gel to make it like lens.



 Then, make 0.3mm hole from the bottom of the spot, and it was passed through an optical fiber into the hole.


 After that it will be painted in color of red.


 I made a hole from under the radar to the sighting room, then through the fiber from the top of the sighting room.



 After passing through the fiber, I glued  a window part. I made it using  a clear runner.



 It was tested using the LEd.


 It is looks good.


Next, assemble the bridge.