Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 24 (Skull remake)

 I still have something to do before I start painting.

 Basically, I have not changed the form of the kit. But I have only one thing I would like to modify the shape. It is the skull and crossbones of the big features of the Arcadia.

 This is the skull that comes with the kit.


 I have duplicated this part using silicon and resin for modification.  I wanted to keep the original part for back up.


  The bow part was also replicated in plaster.


 I put on the resin skull on the plaster bow, and built up resin, or putty and the skull was newly sculpted.


 The left ons is renewed, and I made it a litler smaller than original (right hand side).


 the original on the bow.


 new one.

 I thought that one was good even if a little smaller, but I go with this.


Next, I will start base painting.