Bandai MG MS-07B Gouf (Old Ver.) 5

My work came to painting process.


Before painting, by spraying the surfacer in overall, to check whether the surface is being processed properly.


 If found any problems,  sanding again, and repeat to the painted the surfacer.

 If there is no problem, I can go into paint step.

 First, I will paint a pretty dark gray from the back side of the parts.It erase the transparency of the plastic, and look like metal,

 The following is finally painte on surface.

 The very beginning, the paint a pretty dark blue gray, Then I painted the little brighter blue to the part exposed to light. I leave Dark blue gray at the part of the shade. And, I will paint a more brighter blue in part where the light hits. Several times to repeat this process, the basic paintis is finished . (I will do the same in each section to paint a different color.)





 Since the overall painting is finished, the next step is to go into Weathering.