Bandai MG RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka 3 ( Paint(1) and frame assembly)

 After all parts was glued, I started painting.


 The Master Grade kit is divided into many parts, so I do not need mask most of the place.

 Just paint.

 I would like to get strong paint coating, so I use Tamiya Spray Paint for color of white area.(flat white)



 I used Mr.Color#338(light gray FS36495) for body panel color. This is common paint for star wars vehicles.



 Over white paint, I painted red and blue part using air brush.



  Exterior parts is just leave to dry, and keep until inner frame will be finished.


 I painted inner frame with a little darker gray than exterior. Check where it the exposed area and paint more detail on that area. Also, did pre-weathering only exposed area.



 set control stick, pilot and frames after paint.


 nomal suits color is same as Rebel forces of Star Wars EP IV


Next,  I am going to write about set exterior panel and weathering.