Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 28 (Paint start!)

 Finally, I began painting Arcadia.

 I painted the deck first.Because it seemed easy for me to masking.


 I paint the Deck using the paint that  was made by mixing Mr. Color 340( Field Green FS 34097) with black, green, red etc while watching the appearance.

 Once it dried, mask it and paint the basic color with the other parts.



 Although there is no instruction in the manual,it seems that the bulge-like part beside the hull is also painted two different colors.



 Just a little difference.



 Then, next step is painting of skull.

 I just paint it white, but I painted  a little yellowish white at the end.


 (but it is a little bluish white in the picture)


 Then, I put black color on the bow. 


 This is goint to be a black part in the eye area of the skull.



 I painted The part of the eaves that sticks over the window beside the cabin with flat black, then painted copper useing dry-brush technique.



 Next, connect all the optical fiber to the LED, and assemble the whole kit to check.