My next project

 I am going to start next project. 


 Next my project is,,,not creature figure, not Gunpra. The new project is a Space Pirate Battle Ship name is Arcadia.


 The kit is from Hasagawa. I would like to get this kit for while, but it was soo hard to find. I found the kit at Ebay finally.

  Captain Harlock is owns this ship in an old Japanese anime, but I do not know what Captain Harlock how much famous. He is very famous character in TV series (the title is "Space Pirate Captain Harlock") and also he is in The Galaxy Express 999 movie.

 Captain Harrock is very famous in Europe as known as "Albator".

 The kit I am going to start is 999 version. The biggest difference of movies and TV is the bow. The movie ver. has a big skull in the front, but TV ver. does not.

 I am going to make this kit is lit using LED. I will try to light the various locations as much as I can.


Next, I am going to assemble temporarily to make plan.