Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 7 ( Luminescence of window of the hull)

 Today we will write about the Luminescence of window of the hull. 


 Four square windows that lined beside the the hull. Actually, I am not clear if this is the window or not. In instructions, this place only have been instructed to paint yellow. But, at the end of the movie "The galaxy express 999" , there is a scene that Harlock and crew see 999 off standing in front of the window. I think that window is in this place.


So,I decided to hollowing out there.f:id:mata1:20150618173231j:plain


 And, I made a small box using the plastic sheet, painted the inside with silver, installed two tip LED on the inside of the box. 


 This is a light-emitting unit behind the window.


 I made the glass of the window at the clear plastic sheet, fitted to the window, And I installed a light-emitting unit on the back side of the window (in the hull).


 The windows is lit.

 Also, I started to add some detail parts.


 The following is about the work of the base stand.