Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 14 (Installation of a control system)

 Today, I will set up the Arduino and AtTiny into the Arcadia.


 Since AtTiny is sensitive to heat, it is not soldered directly, use a dedicated socket.




 Also,  the wiring of this project are not many, I did not use a circuit board, I soldered wires directly into the socket.


 I installed the Arduino to the space under the bridge first, then set up AtTiny on top of the Arduino.


 In order to avoid a short circuit, AtTiny was surrounded by plastic board.



 And finally, by connecting the Arduino to the PC using a dedicated board, then download the program.


 Red part next to the Arduino is the board that connects to a PC.


 Next is to complete the base, make sure that it works by connecting with Arcadia.