Bandai 1/100 MG MSN-0100 Hyaku-Shiki (Ver.1.0) Part 3 ~Body and shoulders modification


 The last time, I have done some modifications for the head and face.



 I modify the body(chest) part and shoulders this time.


 The assembles kit part.


 This part is also made very nice. it is good to go with it without any modifications, but I would like to make it a little narrower. 

 I cut the end surface for both right and left sides and cut out some amount of the body. Then re-attached both ends.

 you may recognize how much different from the picture below. 


 It may not a big difference, but these small changes will make a difference once all work has done, I believe,,, I hope.



 I add some styrene sheet to make the shoulders bigger.


 the left side is a modified one.


 I set the head and the shoulders on the body and check the shape and the balance using backlight.


 I think the silhouette looks closer to Nagano-mecha like FSS.




 modification of the legs.