Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 30 (Weathering)

 Finally,  I am starting weathering. This is the final stage of this project.

 But, this kit is 1/1500 of scale. If I do weathring too much, the kit looks just looking good toy. I would like to make ths ship looks like prop of some Si-fi movies. 

 Any way, let's start.


 I used Dark yellow for washing on Skull part. After wash, add some black pin wash at deep area and add some black shade around eye hole.




 I did it to two small skull as well.



 I did not use black paint for green area. I think it is too much contrast. I used darker green for washin.




 I add Raindrop marks for entire ship, but again, it is very thin and hard to see at picture.


 you may see color of green area is irregularity,  because I did some pretreatment when I paint gray for base paint. 



 It is very simple, but there is some difference after weathered.



I will mout Arcadia to the base stand.