Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 11 (Rear mast-tip light)

 Today's work is almost same as the last time.

 It illuminate the tip of the rear mast.


 This part also in the same manner as the main wing, and assembled by bonding a part to the tip of the wing.f:id:mata1:20150715171220j:plain


 Although the work is the same as the main wing,there is one different point.

 This wing is very thin.


 The thinnest place is only 0.55mm.

 I make a groove in there,Then, I have to pass through a 0.2mm fiber.

 Well, let's start.


 First, I will open a hole in the top of the parts.



I made a groove in the wing to connect with the hole.


 Carefully, carefully,,,


 If I can finish to make a groove, then  it only through the fiber.


It was light without problems.




The next step is the electricity-related work.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 10 (Wing-tip light)

 Today, turn on the wing-tip light.

 I will make a small light spot at the tip of the wing.



 Basically, this is the same way as the work that went before at small wings attached to the top of the bow.

 I thought it was easier to make it lit  for large main-wing compared with small wings. But, because the wing is very thin, it became a tough work. I was using the optical fiber of 0.2mm.

 First, I opened a small hole in the part that is attached to the tip of the wing. 



 And I made a groove on the back side of the wing. Groove will start from the same place with the hole in the tip.



 I have bond the the distal end portion to the wing and passed through the optical fiber from the hole, then through the groove.



 Work is completed Once filled the grooves in the putty.

 It was light.



 The following is also almost the same kind of work continues.




Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 9 (Pulsar Cannon Turrets)

 Today I will write about the a little work about the Pulsar Cannon.

 In the kit, three cannon are formed in one piece.Insert the Cannon from the back side of the body, and assembly.




 But, it is not seen in the characteristics of Reiji Matsumoto-Mecha in this way

I divided the three Cannon, then I opened a small hole using the pin vise.


  And, I passed through a brass wire to three cannons.


 Now, three canons  moves independently.


 This is the way of Reiji Matsumoto Mecha!!


 Next,  about Wing-tip light.


 Thank you for reading.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 8 (Display Base)

 I started to make a display based.


 Since the Arcadia of the kit is small, it's difficult to install the power supply in.Therefore, the installed power to the display base, and then be routed to Arcadia. The kit comes with display base, but I do not use it, I will make myself.


I will use the base portion of the kit, I used the brake line for the car in the arm.


 This is a rigid pipe, it is possible to pass the wire inside.


 After I was bending the pipe, I was fixed by inserting the arm to the base.





 Since the brake line has a flare nut and fixed by use of it.


On the side of Arcadia, I opened the hole for passing through the pipe.



I was glued a plastic pipe of the size through which the brake lineto the inner wall.



I opened the hole for inserting the pin of the rotation stopping to the brake line.

And it is fixed in this way.



 Overall picture




 Basic work of display base is completed.


Next Back to Arcadia itself.


Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 7 ( Luminescence of window of the hull)

 Today we will write about the Luminescence of window of the hull. 


 Four square windows that lined beside the the hull. Actually, I am not clear if this is the window or not. In instructions, this place only have been instructed to paint yellow. But, at the end of the movie "The galaxy express 999" , there is a scene that Harlock and crew see 999 off standing in front of the window. I think that window is in this place.


So,I decided to hollowing out there.f:id:mata1:20150618173231j:plain


 And, I made a small box using the plastic sheet, painted the inside with silver, installed two tip LED on the inside of the box. 


 This is a light-emitting unit behind the window.


 I made the glass of the window at the clear plastic sheet, fitted to the window, And I installed a light-emitting unit on the back side of the window (in the hull).


 The windows is lit.

 Also, I started to add some detail parts.


 The following is about the work of the base stand.



Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 6 ( The rear deck room : lantern)

 When I saw this kit, I really would like to illuminate the lantern on top of the rear deck.

 But, this kit is smaller than I thought, It became difficult work.


 So small...



 Because it is impossible to put the LED in it, I made a small light bulb using optical fiber.


(one gradation is 1mm)


 I carved a groove in the wall of the rear deck, through the optical fiber until the lantern.


 Lantern is lighted.


 That is it for today.

 Thank you for reading.



Hasegawa 1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 5 ( The back wall of the rear deck room)

 Today, it is about the back wall of the rear deck.

 In this kit, because the back wall is made in one piece, it is not able to illuminate a window in this state.



 So, I was hollowing out the part of the window.



 Because I wanted to use a skull in the center of the window in the middle, I scraped off the only skull from the portion of the window.


 It is sooo thin,,,


 I was re-create the window with a wire mesh, and set a skull that was salvage.



 I will placed the LED in the back of the window, I tried to How the windows  look.





 that is it for today.


 next,,, about some work for the Lantern on the rear deck room.