Hasegawa 1/1500 Sace Pirate Battleship Arcadia 10 (Wing-tip light)

 Today, turn on the wing-tip light.

 I will make a small light spot at the tip of the wing.



 Basically, this is the same way as the work that went before at small wings attached to the top of the bow.

 I thought it was easier to make it lit  for large main-wing compared with small wings. But, because the wing is very thin, it became a tough work. I was using the optical fiber of 0.2mm.

 First, I opened a small hole in the part that is attached to the tip of the wing. 



 And I made a groove on the back side of the wing. Groove will start from the same place with the hole in the tip.



 I have bond the the distal end portion to the wing and passed through the optical fiber from the hole, then through the groove.



 Work is completed Once filled the grooves in the putty.

 It was light.



 The following is also almost the same kind of work continues.